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Customer Testimonials

Here are a few of our customer's testimonials from Angie's list.
Testimonial #1

I was referred to Spiros Painting by a co-worker that had a positive experience with the company. Upon speaking with a very polite, responsive gentleman over the phone, I set up an appointment for one of the painters to come out and give me an estimate. The gentleman that arrived was named Nisi (not sure if this is the right spelling!!) and he was extremely professional throughout the entire visit. He inspected the areas that I was interested in painting and gave me some tips as to how I might want to have the spaces painted. I informed him that I wanted to use eco-friendly paint throughout (primarily because we have a young child in the house) and he was very knowledgable and knew exactly which options to recommend. He quoted me a price that seemed very competitive ($450 for the entire job) and I set up an appointment with him to do the work the following weekend. 
On the day that the work was scheduled to be performed, two painters arrived (including the gentleman that provided the estimate) and they began setting up for the job. They were very courteous when it came to moving the furniture and they seemed to be extra-careful with all of our belongings (which was very nice to see). Once the setup was complete, they began painting - first the living room and then on to the bathroom. Again, they seemed to be very particular about getting everything just right. They used tape when necessary and really took their time in some of the tighter areas. The doors in both rooms were also painted with the same attention to detail as the rest of the job. The entire job took less than a full day and the cleanup was quick and easy. They moved all of my furniture back into place and I thanked them for their work.
Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the level of service provided by Spiros Painting. Both rooms were painted perfectly and now look great! The end result was extremely impressive and surpassed my expectations. I would definitely recommend Spiros Paiting for exceptional service, competitive pricing, friendly people, and great work! Thank you Spiros!!
Testimonial #2

I chose to call this company because they were located very close to my house. I saw that they had no reviews on Angie's list, but I decided to give them a chance anyway because I have gone with high rated companies before and my experiences were horrible.
     I am so happy that I decided to go with this company. I love the aspect of a family ran business. It was a father and son that did all the work together. They were so helpful in the entire process. They showed up to our appointment when they said they would on time and were very polite. I showed them what I wanted done and they explained everything that had to be done to complete the job. They called me back the very same night with a price and I was surprised at how good it was so I said yes right away. The next day they came back over with a book of colors and helped me pick out what would look the best. They told me that the job would take 2 days, but they finished in 1 day. They helped me move all of my furniture back in place and made sure that everything was in its proper place.
I was very surprised at the respect that they showed my belongings by covering up everything up 100% before painting. They even swept and vacuumed up my living room room when they were done. I was very pleased with the end result of this job, everything looks fantastic and they did everything that they said they would with a little bit of extras that I didn't even ask for. My cement looked brand new also and clean. I have recommended these guys to everybody I know already for painting and told them this is the company to go with. I will definitely be calling these guys back again for future work on my home.
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